About Us


Think Bollywood & immediately colour, music, fashion,
extravagance and flamboyancy spring to mind.

Every Bollywood era has created a unforgettable style.
Think Amitabh in his smooth suave 70’s suits, Rekha in her
stunning Sil Sila Sarees, Mithun & Govinda strutting their stuff
in multi coloured outfits. And if that wasn’t enough, the actresses
set the screens on fire in scorching reds that symbolized lust and desire,
to bright yellows and blues that spoke of the spring of love and happiness.
A color of every mood and a color for every occasion are the underlying
mantra at Bollywood… a case of art imitates life and vice versa

BBC has captured this true essence of the glorious Bollywood era & culture
transforming it into the most hotly anticipated clothing brand reflecting the true essence
of Bollywood & India. Feel free to wander through the glorious fashion ensemble we
have created, perfectly capturing the true blend of East meets West with Bollywood Boys Club.